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UK Touareg owners register and forum


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I'm not aware of any dedicated UK-based web communities for the VW Touareg, so am in the process of setting one up - called www.myTouareg.co.uk

While I really like tyresmoke.net and some of the other US-based discussion forums, I don't feel enough is done to actually attract Touareg owners to them. So I intend to promote myTouareg.co.uk on Google and other places in the hope of tracking down those elusive UK Touareg owners.

The more owners we can get on the site, the more experiences we can swap, share advice and use combined strength should a member ever have a problem with their Treg.

If you're interested, take a look at www.mytouareg.co.uk. And if you know someone who owns a Treg, please let them know about it, too.



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Don't get me wrong; I like Tyresmoke, but I thought it might be nice to have a place where owners can go which offers 'a bit more' Touareg-specific than just a general forum.

The Treg has been out in the UK for 6 months or more now, but I've only 'met' 2 or 3 other owners on TS.net, so am hoping to catch a few more owners who wouldn't normally find Tyresmoke.

I certainly won't stop coming here wink.gif

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Had a chance to have a look on mytouareg site.

Very nice. Good colours. I think it is a very good idea. There is a dedicated Touareg club in the US http://www.clubtouareg.com but I think it is better to have our own UK club. I met few Touareg owners during "unlimited" - I am sure people if they know and see the value will be very happy to join.

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Apologies to anyone who has tried registering on mytouareg.co.uk without success. I have put a call into the support people and hope to have it resolved soon (guess that's the trouble with 'free' software).

In the meantime, I can add members through the administrator's panel. So mail or PM me with your:

* user name

* temp password (u can change later)

* email address

and I will add you to the members.

Alternatively; one fix is to set your browser's privacy settings to accept 'all cookies' - which should work. Not perfect tho, I know.

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