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Results from my snowfoam 1st experience!!


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I used my Snow foam lancer, with the Ph snow foam today on my audi and the Mrs tigra, Put about an inch of snow foam with a bit of AG shampoo conditioner, Topped it up with cold water. As you can see from the results, its not great, it seemed to run off after about 5 mins. It wasn't as thick snow as some of the videos i have seen on youtube. Anyone know why?

However, it did wash about 60% of the dirt away, i did wash it over with a lambswool mitt and shampoo.

All thoughts and feedback is welcome and grateful.

Ryan :)













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I keep the concentration up near the maximum, also find that adding shampoo gives more fluffy foam. If I just used the Snow Foam on its own it would give results like your pictures.

What size is the bottle on your lance, either 0.5 litre or 1.0 litre? The measures I gave were for the 1.0 L bottles.

Try a bit of experimenting with different mixes but I certainly get more foam.

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I would take the AG car shampoo out of the mix. There are lots of good and bad points of using the shampoo, if it has protective properties then it might throw some on there however shampoo if left to dwell esp. at too strong a mix will strip wax.

Those points and many others aside....the AG shampoo is a low foam product which contains a rinse agent (one of the best parts about it!) it sheets really well and will interfere with your snow foam. If you wanted to add a shampoo i would put Duragloss 90X, Zymol Autowash etc. in there which are generally high foaming shampoos with out polymers or protective additives.

Play around with your dilutions, there are a lot of different foams on the market too and they all play a bit differently. For maximum effect you want some thick foam, that should stick even if you have a really good wax or sealant on the car!


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if you want a lon lasting foam to dwell try Autobrite Magifoam. It will hang on the paintwork for upto 20 minutes and wont strip LSP. Warning though it will need to be rinsed from the drive afterwards. I use approx 1/2 inch in a litre bottle to give a good clinging foam that lasts well and doesnt hand around the drive for ever

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Are you using the Autobrite lance ? if so remeber that the dail works oposite to what you think - gives more foam and + gives less (they are actually how much water you are mixing with the snow foam).

I usually add Megs hyper wash to my snow foam and get really good foam - although both my karcher washers are playing up so doesnt foam as good as it used to.

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