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Cambridge Autogleam - 2011


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I'll bunch these all together as they were the same customer.. and he clearly has a thing for red cars :)

First up is the LCC Rocket.. as designed by Gordon Murray. This is a later build than the original 90s cars. Built in 2007 from an original chassis.

All single stage fiat racing red paint on a fibreglass body, it wasn't the easiest colour to work on but it looked stunning once complete.

Machine polished with Menzerna 203s on a variety of pads and then refined with the DA polisher and Menzerna 106FA before applying Wolfs Seal and Shine and then Wolfs Hard Body sealant.

Before Polishing


After Polishing


Before Polishing


After Polishing


And the finished result from various angles.











Once complete I gave the atom some attention. Not much to polish and it was late so not many photos but owner was very happy and appreciative seeing as it wasnt even booked in



The previous week I'd also detailed this 997 C2S 3.8 and it hadn't been out of the garage since I completed it.

Same detailing process and products as the Rocket above.









As always.. comment and feedback are welcome and you can follow on f2.png or t2.png and now on instgram.

Many thanks for looking.

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So... for those that don't follow me on facebook or twitter (my pages were covered with pics of this).. last week I detailed an Enzo. Now in reality there shouldn't really be a difference between this and any other job... but lets face it, most people like to see a hyper car rather than a Golf GTI.


So I've made a little video. Please don't take it too seriously. I've just done it as a bit of fun and to showcase what I can do for your car (even if it isn't an Enzo :)

As usual you can keep up with my work on various social media sites. A follow or a like would be appreciated. There are also over 290 cars in our online portfolio now so have a browse. www.cambridgeautogleam.com

f2.png or t2.png and now on instgram.

Please change to HD for best viewing experience

I'm still trawling through 1000 photos and I've lots more video footage so I'll do a proper write up in due course.

Thanks for looking.


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Nathan, have you gotten your wash mitts on a LaF, P1 or 918 yet?


Not yet. This customer wanted to buy a LaF but was told he didn't qualify!? bonkers when you consider he also owns a F40 and F50 among other things (8 Ferrari's in total)


Maybe one day...


Dude where have you been?

Always liked your updates, good to see things are going well....guess it time to start following on FB


Hello... sorry. I must admit I had forgotten about this forum a bit.. Didn't think it was still used that much.

Yes follow FB or Twitter and you will see everything but I'll try to post work here more often as well.


Agree with Max.


Mind you, I do believe you've said a Ferrari Enzo is faster than a Golf GTi?  Tut tut.  :roflmao:


I think its marginally quicker :)

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In one of the mags it's said 7 ferrari in a current collection plus be on 'speaking' terms with Montemezalo (sp)..


basically it sounds like they are making up different stories so basically they can sell them to where the new money is in china.. Screw the old faithful customers isnt a very sustainable approach though and I hope very much it will come back to bite them

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Please change to HD for best viewing experience


I've finally finished going through all the photos and video from this detail. Not sure I'll do a write up this in depth every time simply down to the time it takes to put together but here we go....


We arrived at 7:45am (having left home at 6am) to be greeted with a rather wonderful sight. (and yes that is the plate it drives around on :) )




This particular Enzo is one of the original UK cars and has been owned from new by this customer. Its covered around 18000 miles in 10 years which is  fairly high for a car of this type. Its usual aesthetic maintenance consists of being dry dusted even after a short drive and an occasional Autoglym super resin hand polish so it was well due a bit of pampering.


I should also say that this isn't quite a 'Full Correction' detail. We basically had 2 days to complete everything so rather than chase every single mark I opted for one harder cut polish to get the worst out and then refine. So view it as more of an extreme enhancement detail. 


As well as document the detail with photographs, I've made a video covering almost everything that was done. There are no captions to distract you and its set to some (IMO) funky music so please take time to have a look


As usual I started off with the wheels. The tyres, wheel face and barrel was soaked with Autoglym Custom Wheel Cleaner. I still find this an excellent product for getting road grim and old dressings off the tyres and its perfectly safe to use regularly without discolouring brake components while still giving enough cleaning power to easily clean mild brake dust build up.




The arches were sprayed with All Purpose Cleaner and rinsed and then the arch and wheel were sprayed with Autoglym tar and glue remover and dissolved tar spots were wiped off with a microfibre towel.




I did try Autofinesse Iron out on the wheels but there was zero contamination so nothing to really photograph.


The car was then covered with foam to start softening any dirt and to start help strip any protection / fillers from the paint.








.. and after a few minutes this was rinsed off. Remember at this point you are washing the dirt off, not just the foam, so work slowly and methodically coving all of the car.






Then it was shampooed with Auto Finesse lather and a two bucket method (one bucket with clean soapy water and one to agitate your mitt in once you have cleaned a section before picking up new clean shampoo... for those that don't know)







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At this stage I also covered the lower panels with tar remover and then iron out and neither showed any signs of contamination so It was rinsed again and dried down ready for polishing.




Now.. red isn't the easiest colour to capture defects so out of the hundreds of photos I took, these were the best ones.




Not TOO bad but it can certainly be improved. Thankfully in a way the paint was extremely hard so starting with the softest combination I had and working up it took me all the way to Meguiars D300 on a Meguiars microfibre pad before any progress was made. This was then refined with Menzerna 203s on a Chemical guys hex-logic pad... and this was the result by way of a 50/50 photo






You can see more before and after shots in the video.


Polishing was done with the Flex 3401 VRG and a Kestrel DAS-6 Power Plus polisher.










After each section was complete, the panel was wiped down with Gtechniq PW to removed polishing oils and give a true idea of the actual correction. This was down after both the compounding stage and the refining stage.




I should probably introduce Matteo at this point. He has been my apprentice for a while now and is a very fast learner and hard worker. While I was getting on with the correction work he was busy cleaning the interior, engine bay and other little bits around the car.


Interior was vacuumed and all surfaces cleaned with Wolfs interior cleaner. Leather was later conditioned with Autoglym Leather Balm





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Door shuts and interior carbon was polished and protected with Werkstat Prime Strong (my new favourite product). Again with more time I'd have liked to properly machine polish these areas but this had to do for now.




Wheels were sealed with Wolfs Rim Guard and tyres dressed with Car Pro PERL




Satin black parts such as the diffuser were cleaned and protected with products from the Swissvax Opaque range




The exhausts were given a quick polish with Autoglym metal polish. Due to the backbox being removed there wasn't a big silencer to polish in the engine bay unlike other details you may have seen :)




Engine carbon was all polished and protected with Werkstat Prime Strong as was the glass window leading into the cabin and the underside of the engine cover glass




Back to the paint work now and once all the polishing was finally complete and everything had been thoroughly wiped down with the panel wipe, a coat of Vintage wax was applied...




...and buffed off






And that just about sums it up.. There now follows quite a few photos of the finished car from various similar angles :) Enjoy.







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If time (& $) was not an issue, how many days would you have spent on it to get it to the level of finish you wanted?


another day would have been nice. Could have got the interior carbon machine polished then and a couple of areas of the paint needed a bit more work really, especially with stone chip touch ups.

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Awesome job as always. I spy a few other nice exotics under those covers. F50, F40 (uncovered) and possibly a Scuderia. Nearest one no idea about, third one down might be a 328 or 308 I guess. No idea about the one between the F50 and 40. 


There has to be a LaF heading to that garage soon, surely!

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Awesome job as always. I spy a few other nice exotics under those covers. F50, F40 (uncovered) and possibly a Scuderia. Nearest one no idea about, third one down might be a 328 or 308 I guess. No idea about the one between the F50 and 40. 


There has to be a LaF heading to that garage soon, surely!


from nearest to furthest..



430 spyder

512 tm


550 barchetta



There is a 456 in another garage as well.


The 360 and 550 were purchased to help his case in buying the enzo (basically the dealer said if you buy them you will get an enzo). Flipping cheeky and horrible way to do business if you ask me. 


He wanted a LaF but ferrari said no as he hasn't bought enough new cars recently!! For someone with an F40, F50 and an Enzo I think thats pretty disgusting.


I'm booked for a 2 day detail on the F40, F50 and 550 Barchetta and then maybe just spend a day on each other others tidying them up.

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I think if it was me I'd be chopping the 550 and 360 in, and probably the 456.


The 512 - of course, I can see it now! Love those things.


LaF will grace his garage I'm sure, just probably from Romans or similar rather than from the factory. Probably saves a few quid that way too given he will not have had to buy 3 or 4 new cars to "qualify" for there LaF. Still, they didm;t have any problem in shifting all of them so I don't suppose Ferrari will lose too much sleep over it.


BTW - you seem to be using lots more Autoglym than I thought I'd read in past details. Any reason for that - maybe sponsorship or an improvement in product?

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