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Cambridge Autogleam - 2011


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I think if it was me I'd be chopping the 550 and 360 in, and probably the 456.


The 512 - of course, I can see it now! Love those things.


LaF will grace his garage I'm sure, just probably from Romans or similar rather than from the factory. Probably saves a few quid that way too given he will not have had to buy 3 or 4 new cars to "qualify" for there LaF. Still, they didm;t have any problem in shifting all of them so I don't suppose Ferrari will lose too much sleep over it.


BTW - you seem to be using lots more Autoglym than I thought I'd read in past details. Any reason for that - maybe sponsorship or an improvement in product?


I've always used autoglym wash stuff. Their acid free wheel cleaner is a great cleaner to use regularly as its strong enough to get off mild - medium brake dust but it wont tarnish the brake components. Its also easy to get in big trade sizes which makes it very affordable. I'm not sponsored by anyone. I get trade discounts at cleanyourcar and polished bliss but thats about it. Now and again someone will send me a product to sample and I try to give an honest review of it.... but I have a garage full of crap products I've tried and just didn't get on with :)


Wow, that's one serious Ferrari owner. Cracking collection and lovely job on the Enzo

FB following now!


Thank you very much :)

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Next up to show you is this lovely Ferrari 599 GTO. Its Nero Black (non metallic) with a metallic silver stripe. Originally a swiss car it was imported by the previous owner.


You can keep up with my work on various social media sites. A follow or a like would be appreciated. There are also over 290 cars in my online portfolio now so have a browse 


y2.png f2.png t2.png

 and now on instgram.


I've made another little video showing some before and after paint correction and a 50/50 shot and showing the application of the Gtechniq Exo along with lots of finished shots of the car. Change to 720p or 1080p for the best viewing.



Ok so no photos of the wash stage this time as I wasn't planning on doing a full write up but it was the same as the Enzo (see previous thread / video).


So.. straight onto the paint and well.. it was a bit of a mess! As I'm sure you all know, solid non metallic black is pretty much the hardest colour to get right and it shows every single mark.


Paint correction was done with the Flex 3401VRG and with Meguiars d300 correction compound on either a Lake Country 140mm HT tangerine polishing pad or a Scholl 165mm blue polishing pad depending on panel size. This polished out the swirls in 1-2 hits but left the panel very hazy so this was then refined with Menzerna 106FA on either a 5.5" or 6.5" Lake Country CSS Finishing pad.




Some 50/50 shots where I've taped up the panel and polished one side to show the difference.




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A finished shot of the boot lid.




As I say not many photos as it wasn't intended to be a full write up and also polishing took SOOOO long I just didn't have time to take many.


I was wiping down each panel with Gtechniq PW as I went along but when polishing was complete I gave the whole car another wipe down with the PW to ensure it was completely free of polishing oils. 


Now a long time ago I was sent some Gtechniq bits to sample and I must admit I didn't get on with them that well. Whether that was down to my application techniques I'm not sure but having seen lots of other detailers good results with the rage I decided to give them another go and after a few test cars / panels I was happy to try it on the GTO.




I wont lie. I'm still not a fan of the application. It takes significantly longer than a regular wax or even Wolfs Hard Body which I have enjoyed using recently but hopefully the durability will be worth the extra work.


This particular bottle didn't seem to drip the product out very well and it also seemed to cure MUCH faster than the previous bottle so there was lots of re applying and re buffing needed.






We also removed the front grill to clean behind and this was then sealed with Gtechniq C4








2 coats of EXO were applied to the whole car in the end

Glass sealed with RainX

Wheels sealed with Wolfs Rim Shield

Tyres with CarPro PERL

Satin carbon with Swissvax Opaque

Door / boot / bonnet shuts with Werkstat Prime Strong

Exhaust tips polished with Autosol

Interior vacuumed and wiped with Wolfs Insider

Interior satin carbon with Swissvax Opaque.


I THINK thats everything.. Here are some photos on one shiny GTO






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What's the best amateur product for black trim on cars. My wife's new car has some white polish marks on the black arches. Ta


I've got some Chemical Guys Tyre Gel that I use for plastic bits in the engine bay. Feck me, did I just admit to paying attention to the engine bay during a wash?

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  • 1 month later...
Hello. For some reason I decided to start on my massive back log of work to write up from the most recent first...


This was completed last week. Must say a massive thanks to the customer and his family. I stayed with them for 2 nights while I completed this and the hospitality, working environment, food, company etc couldn't have been better. The sun was out and it was a lovely car. In fact the only thing stopping this being the perfect job ended up being the paint! 


You can keep up with my work on various social media sites. A follow or a like would be appreciated. There are also over 290 cars in my online portfolio now so have a browse 


Website: th_ScreenShot2014-05-27at165726.png



y2.png f2.png t2.png

 and now on instgram.


The owner bought the car in 2003 with 30k miles and then covered 40k miles over the following 11 years including all weather driving and track days etc. Mechanically the car wanted for nothing but it was starting to look a little tired so in January it was booked for a full respray and got new callipers, windows, rubbers, lights, spoiler insert, rear bumper, arch liners, heat shields etc etc. All that was left was a 'quick' detail.


You would have thought that fresh paint would be nice and easy to correct.... I also thought this!


I had good intentions of lots of photos and a more in depth video but that quickly went out the window when in the first day I only got 3 panels corrected


The paint didn't look TOO bad after a wash and then a panel wipe with an IPA mix. Just the usual DA sanding marks and rubbing lines but on the whole it was an excellent respray.







Unfortunately this is where the photos stopped as it took about 3 hours to correct each panel. The paint was so hard that menzerna FG400 or 3m Fast Cut Plus XL on either a wool or hard cutting pad barely made any impact. 2-4 hits of this were needed per section followed by 1-2 hits of Menz 106FA to refine were needed. Extremely frustrating and I've never experienced paint quite that hard before but after 32 hours (most of that polishing and working 9am-10pm on day 1, 8am - 11pm on day 2, 7am - 8am on day 3 and returning after another job to finish 3pm-6pm) it finally looked as a freshly painted car should.


All the wheels were removed, deep cleaned in and out with Auto Finesse Iron Out, clayed and machine polished, then IPA wiped and protected with Gtechniq C5. Callipers were also protected with the C5.


The paint was protected with Wolfs Bodyguard sealant


Again sorry for the lack of in depth photos. 




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Just played football for the first time in about 3 years tonight so before I go and die quietly in the corner I wanted to post this video which finally finished processing and uploading. 


The video making lark takes AGES! Quite happy with this one though.


I'll update this thread when I get chance with the full write up but for now.. watch and enjoy.


Change to 720p for the best viewing.









Thank you for looking.



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