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ED30 36K miles Oil Consumption Has Increased?


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My ED30 is now three and a half years old and has done 36,000 miles. Since it's last service in August 2010 I've had the low oil warning light come on twice, having to put an additional 1.5 litres of oil each time.

Up until the last service I've only had to top up with less than a litre each year.

No signs of oil dripping on the drive..... Has anyone else seen this increase in oil consumption?

Cheers in advance

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Have you varied your journey types since the oil light has come on? Oil is a consumable like petrol and so can vary.

You never want to wait until your oil light comes on before checking oil level - Check it regularly! (also tyre pressures and coolant). When that low it'll need lots and also can do expensive damage if you don't act urgently.

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