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Satnav wiring power feed


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Probably a basic question but I need a switched 12v supply in my Mk5 and am wondering how best to get this. My initial thoughts were from the fuse box but then do I need to undo the fuse box (batt disconnect first) and add in my connection to the back of the fuse box? Or, can I do this somehow from front of fusebox, use a fuse tap thing? Should I connect into an existing switched supply like the cigarette lighter or should I be connecting into a spare unused fuse position?

After pondering that I then thought maybe the best place to take the feed from is the cigarette lighter which I have got into and figure I can cut into the power wire and piggyback a feed from there. Now I need to figure out how to get the satnav wire from the right hand side of the window area through to the cig lighter area. I can see how to feed the wire down into below the steering wheel area, but haven't figured out what bits of trim I might need to undo in order to get the wire from there to the cig lighter.

If anyone knows a better way of doing this or can give me some tips, feel free to chip in!


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