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Mass Air Flow Sensor.....GT TDi 130


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Hi People

I have a 2002 Golf 130 Diesel (102K on the clock). My problem is that when i try and put the engine under any kind of revs above 2k RPM the engine kind of misfires or loses compression and then is bellowing black smoke from the exhaust. This only happens above 2k RPM and as i only do the mafjority of my driving around town therefore being virtually on tickover most of the time the problem could have been there for a while ... i just want someones 2opinion before swapping over my MAF currently quoted by GSF at £65.00 only to find that it isnt this at all!

thanks in advance


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hi im seeing if anyone can help me with this problem ive got :rolleyes:

my golf gti had a warning light come on its been put onto a computer / rac and the fault come back as a faulty AIR FLOW METER the car drive fine as i havent seen or felt any issues with the car etc.. will the car be ok to drive till i get the chance to get a new meter etc


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