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Passat leak

frank roscoe

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:ffs: Help new to this please bear with me ,i have a wet drivers side footwell taken the the trim off dried it out ,the plenum seals have been taken out, the pollen filter is sealed it still leaks i now suspect the air con pipe is leaking {i have done so much googleing my head hurts] how do i get to the pipe to check it, i have a,2005 130 tdi no sunroof internet says take glovebox out but this is on earlier models with no airbag switch ,it sounds simple but i dont want to make things worse ANY ideas would be very gratefully appreciated+++ thanks


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I have a 2006 Passat (newer shape B6 model) and had the same problem just last week. We recently had torrential rain and I have emptied out about 30 liters over the course of a week....! Me and the wife were argusing over the possible causes of the "swimming pool" in the drivers footwell but could not agree.

After stressing for a week I got the car down to Autoglass in Croydon under the impression that the windscreen seals might have failed. Two engineers checked over the car and declared there were no signs of damage/failure to the seals so they got a hose pipe. They pumped water into the driver side windsreeen drainage area and we saw that it wasn't coming out as fast as it went in.

Thus, they popped up the plastic surround and stuck a hand in, pulling out an enormous handful of gloop from the drain and fixing the problem.

The charge for this was NIL pounds - so my gratitude and thanks are with Autoglass! Especially when you consider I was about to go to a VW Dealer for investigation... @ £60/30 mins.

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