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Loss of turbo.


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When joining the mototway on Saturday i had to speed up and rev it hard

to join the flowing traffic.I then noticed i had lost the Turbo.No warning lights came on the dash.

As i came off at the next junction the traffic lights were on red so i turned the ignition off and back on .

The turbo came back as normal.The car is a 1997 TDI Passat SE 163,000miles

I have searched the older threads but no joy.

Hoping you can help

Regards KIDDA.

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Classic sign of overboost condition causing the ecu to shut that side of things down to eliminate further damage.Thats basically itin a nut shell without me going on the whys and where fores i should just cut and paste as i have posted a great deal on this subject.+++ Have a flick through and welcome to TSN+++++++++

New turbo or clean it using this site if you are of technical mind and know what you are doing.......Innotec Supplies Ltd. - Turbo Clean Set

Have never used it but heard its good.

I strip and clean the turbos personally, on the side for people for a fee with 100% success rate so far and have been doing so for a long time.

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