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Raceglaze 55 on top of Collinite 476


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Polished today with Autoglym SRP 2 coats and then a coat of Collinite 476. Also have Raceglaze 55 and was deciding between the 2 waxes but favoured Colli as the car doesn't get waxed very often. Was hard to remove so guess it was on too long. Anyway, planning a second coat tomorrow and was thinking of putting on RG 55 rather than another coat of Colli. Not sure of this should be done or even if its a good idea but just thought its a shame to have an expensive wax and not use it.

If I go RG 55 would 1 or 2 coats be the plan. Cant see I have the chance to leave 24 hrs between coats if I need another 2 coats as need the car on Sunday morning, how essential is the time gap?

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You can apply the RG55, the products below are likely to affect the way it looks. However, its quite bright, wet and reflective and so is SRP.

My advice on the two coats would be to apply 1 coat (are you using your fingers or foam applicator?) and put it on say 2-3 panels then remove it. After you have done the whole car give the first panels another wipe over and see if its "oily" if it is then i would hold off on applying further coats. They probably suggest wating between coats, its a very soft, oily product.

If you apply it and let it set for too long its very hard to remove!


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2nd coats of wax always seem to go on / come off easier than the first coat. Colli 476 can be difficult to remove and like with all waxes, getting a really thin coat can be difficult. With 476, I tend to apply a coat of Colli 845 first, then a coat of 476 a couple of hours later. 845 is really easy on / off and provides a good base.

Just my thoughts but I'm not a fan of adding a wax which should provide better looks over one which which potentially provides slightly (albeit very very marginal) worse optics - to me it's like wearing designer glasses with corrective lenses when you have cataracs underneath - your vision still won'2 be perfect! I'd go for a 2nd layer of Colli 476 and forget waxing for 4-5 months as it's so durable. +++ Then again, detailing is all about the fun for some so there really are no 'rights & wrongs' I guess :grin:

Whatever you do, stick some piccies up!

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