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Cleaning BMW black shadowline


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Have the X5 looking great but only bit that looks bad is the black shadowline, in particular the large area between the front and rear door windows. Is quite badly scratched looking in bright sun and even seems like finger prints can be seen. Have polished with AG SRP but no good, any recomendations? Was thinking of Megs Scratch X but worried it may be too harsh and damage the surface.

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I'm surprised at that because we always opt for high gloss on the basis it is difficult to mark in comparison to matt (hence my asking).

You would know if it was high gloss because it is....very shiny (high gloss!) and it is an option when you order the car.

On that basis I can't actually offer any advice, purely because we've never had the issues with high gloss that we had with matt (matt on an E46 318i - pants, high gloss on an E46 320d with no problems over 3 years and 55k, and on our current 2011 X5 although that's only done 1,500 miles so isn't a fair test).

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Technical Service


Discoloration of Shadowline Trim


E46 (3 Series), E60, E61 (5 Series), E64 (6 Series), E65, E66 (7 Series), E83 (X3), E53 ( X5) Equipped with Shadowline exterior trim


The optional glossy black Shadowline exterior trim may become discolored.


Analysis has determined that the discoloration is due to a film deposited on the trim which distorts the light reflecting off the trim. These deposits may come from car washes, hard water, or other environmental conditions.


Deposits that cause the discoloration can be easily removed by polishing with a quality swirl removing polish, such as Meguiars #9.

Note: The glossy black trim pieces are anodized, not painted, and the discoloration does not mean that the surface has been damaged. Therefore, the trim pieces should not be replaced for this complaint.

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