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Which Wax ?

Rick 63

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The Meguiars product is new and its pretty nice. I have a small bottle that is avalible in various "kits" Meguiars is now selling. It repells water very well and has good jetting (looks wet), it does not inhibit metalics/pearls either. Tough to say about durability as i have only had it few months and used it only a few weeks ago.

Its very easy to use (in liquid form anyway much like NXT). I have always made the argument that if a product is strong and does what you want then surely reapplying it often isnt a problem if it isnt a pain?

Its different to the AG wax in the way it looks deals with water.

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I wasn't a fan of HD wax. Sure easy on and off but not durable enough for me. I prefer a harder wax. What you want is the new dodo supernatural hybrid. It's more of a sealant than a wax but glowing reports

Link DODO JUICE FORUMS :: View topic - Supernatural Hybrid Preview

Follow the life of supernatural wax....http://www.tyresmoke.net/forum/cleaning/108737-dodo-supernatural-not.html http://www.tyresmoke.net/forum/cleaning/109818-quick-supernatural-update.html http://www.tyresmoke.net/forum/cleaning/111285-supernatural-goes-way-dodo-3rd-month-update.html

Much better buying a little pot of Race Glaze 55.

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Anyone used Poorboys white diamond?

I have some ordered so will see how it works this weekend hopefully, but any feedback on the ability to supermarket cleaning scratches is appreciated.

I am a huge Megs fan so will definately try the Ultimate Wax too....

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Didn't have much time today, but did manage a wash and a clay of all the flies off the front of my car.

Then applied WD to the bonnet and front.

It's a great product and has done an epic job of filling in the swirl marks. They are not all gone but it's a HUGE improvement.

The shine is simply stunning and the finish is so smooth that a micro fibre cloth slipped effortlessly off the bonnet unaided.

Quick NXT spray and that's it for today, although I guess the WD offers some protection anyway...

Unfortunately, it's going to be done professionally in the coming weeks as there are too many areas of discolouration from pollutants and tree sap etc that have etched the clear coat.

White cars do show these little marks......

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You will probably want to cover the DW with something in the long run as its not really a last step product. Discolouration on white is easily dealt with when you get it machine polished. I would certantly opt for a full decontamination with a decon kit if you really want the white be bright.


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Just a quick update as to how the WD has faired across the week.

Gave the car a quick clean yesterday and was very impressed with the sheeting and beading that occured on the bonnet, and this is without a covering of wax remember.

washed and dried again and i think that the finish has actually improved across the week - the swirls are gone.

Added a decent coating of NXT ontop and the finish was like glass.

So the front, bonnet and wings are coated up perfectly now.

Next week it'll be the roof and maybe a couple of doors.

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