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Mk5 Golf GTi Induction Kit Debate


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Hi everyone,

2nd post for me (My 1st was to say hello: can be found here)

I was wondering if the great debate on Induction kits had been solved yet? Im not sure which route to go down out of Open Air or Closed Air.

I prefer the noise of the Open Air systems but i hear due to heat soak etc then that could but blockers on any BHP gains i intend to make so was looking at the Closed systems..Well i had a PiperCross Viper on my last car and it was naff!

No noise, No improvement to anything (not noticable anyway) so what did i just waste £150 on?

Regarding the Open Air system i was thinking along the lines of a cold air feed pipe and a heat shield to reduce heat soak etc.

If i went down the closed route...The K&N Apollo looks nice...as does the EVOMs kit...but i wasnt looking to spend as much as that on this mod.

Sorry if i seem a tad nooby on my opening subjects...Im abit new to the whole tuning scene and all i knew before seems to be slightly different on the GTi.

Thanks in advance for any replies


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Just bolting on a Cold Air Intake (CAI) to a stock engine will make minimal difference. Unless the ECU is being remapped to take advantage of it, spend your money on something else. If you just want noise, fit a K&N or Green Cotton filter and drill holes in the bottom of your air box.

If you're buying a CAI, find out which filter it has and ask to see dyno plots of before and after fitting.

Also, what are you using the car for? If it's a road car, what you need is very different to if it's a track car (where you have more sustained heat generated in the engine bay for longer periods).

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Thanks for the reply, i intend on this just been a road car with maybe the odd track day.

I think ive decided to go down the Neuspeed P-Flo route and buy the extra heat shield and cold air feed pipe. I had a CAI (Pipercross Viper) on my last car & noticed ZERO difference so doubt ill go down that route again now...plus thats nearly £200.

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I changed the airbox in my 944 for an induction cone and have since changed it again.

The standard airbox takes a cold air feed from the wing whereas the induction cone sounded great but was sucking in hot under-bonnet air. The bum dyno convinced you it was quicker due to sounding better but as the car warmed up the performance seemed compromised.

I then changed to a carbon fibre enclosed induction cone (about £45 from eBay) and mated this to the original cold air feed. Much better! I also changed the chips to take advantage of the airflow, etc and performance is much much better.

I wouldn't use an open induction cone under the bonnet again so see if you can get a carbon enclosed cone first and foremost. If (as your username suggests) you're based in Newcastle/the northeast then I've got some black flexi hose spare for mounting the filter wherever suits best.


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