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Decided to hire a pro!


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I seem to be working more hours lately, my daughters demand more of my time and so generally have less personal time. As such, I haven't been able to give my Golf it's annual polish / light correction and rewax. To be fair it's still pretty much swirl free and has a decent coat of wax on as it's not been out much in the last year.

Anyway, rather than devote a day or two of what seems to be precious time at the mo, I've decided to get the skills of a Swissvax approved professional detailer on to it. It will basically have what's termed an 'enhancement detail' and waxed with the special 'Swissvax Devine'.

Always done all my own work on the car before so looking forward to just being able to stand back and admire rather than suffering from symptoms similar to Parkinsons after 8 hours of DA machine polishing vibrations through my upper body!

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