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335i coupe starting issue


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Wondering if anyone can shed any light on a small issue with my 2009 335i coupe. Had an issue a few months ago where it would take an abnormal amount of time to turnover when left for more than a few hours. I suspected high pressure fuel pump but BMW performed a software update and all was ok.

About a month later, started the car one morning and it was seriously shaking and misfiring. Took it in only to be told that it needed, wait for it, a new high pressure fuel pump.

Car has been fine until this weekend where the same reluctance to start occured. This has happened a few times since but only when the car is parked facing down hill. It does not need to be much of an incline and same result whether full or empty fuel tank.

Car is going in Monday for an oil service and they will have a look into it, but just wondering if anyone else had experienced similar symptoms?

Also, since about 50k miles, car has started using about a litre of oil every 2-3k miles. Considering this is mostly constant speed motorway driving I am surprised by this. Anyone else seen the same, as I expect BMW to say this is normal although uptown 50k miles it never used any oil and did not even require topping up between services.

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