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ABS ESP dash lights on


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Hi all,

I have got the ESP and ABS lights coming up on my dash. My local garage plugged in his snap-on scanner and told me something about a steering angle sensor warning but he can't get in to switch the light off. Will VAG COM be any good for me and is the software and cable off ebay the right thing to buy? Please some advice? I am in Mid Wales, is there another tyre smoke forum member nearby?

All the best,

rainingdatsuncogs! :ffs:

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Try the following things first!

1. Check the brake lights on your car - had this on mine and one of the bulbs was flapping about and causing a bad contact thus forcing the christmas lights on the dash.

2. Check the brake light actuator switch under the pedals - again, after I'd sorted the bulbs the fault was still happening - the actuator is under the pedals - I added to a guide way back when over on VWVortex


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