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Quick help needed, 1.9tdi temp gauge issues...


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I've a random problem on a 2003 1.9tdi.

the engine temp(water) gauge seems to be all over the shop, not sitting at 90 like normal. It moves up and down from 60ish to 90 at will and at speed.

Spends most of its time at 70ish on the gauge.

Using VCDS lite it seems that the gauge doesn't match the temp shown. Even with the oil at 100deg C it will randomly drop. Oil temp is constantly stable once warm. It did have a fault of temp sensor showing but I cleared it and its not appeared in the past 150miles even though the above is happening.

A few times its caused a strange loss of power, say 3 times in the past 400miles.

Is this related? MAF values seem normal under load. The car starts easily and pulls smoothly.

Sticky thermostat maybe?

I'm suppose to be taking the family to France very shortly!

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If VCDS shows a steady water temperature, contrary to what the gauge shows, then it won't be the thermostat, it'll either be (one of) the temperature sensors, or the gauge itself.

I don't know if VCDS and the guage use the same sensor, if they do, then that points to the gauge being faulty.

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