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Cleaning 8 year old black car


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I have bought a 2003 Fiesta as my answer to the problems of winter and a rear wheel drive BMW.

Car is black, generally in good condition with a few scuffs but obviously hasn't been polished in a long time.

Plan to start with claying it, I have Sonus Green but should I use something more agressive?

There are a few scuffs, is Megs SctatchX a reasonable product?

After that should I do anything else or just get a few coats of Autoglym SRP on and some wax after or is there a better polish I can use for a black car to hide the swirls. All work will be done by hand. Also as I wont be polishing this car loads and my other cars are a lighter colour I don't really want to buy a load of specific products but if there was a polish that would be good at hiding the scuffs/marks I guess it would be worthwhile.

Any thoughts or advice?

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