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I think my Mechatronic unit has developed the dreaded fault......


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Okay so my 07 ED30 has developed the well documented DSG fault where it's surging in 1st and 2nd gear at low speed along with the occasional aggressive judder/klunk of a gear change (reverse and 1st gears).

I imported the car, its UK spec and was registered with VW UK. It's now over 4 years old, has done less than 50K miles, and has a full VW Dealer Service History.

1) Has anyone had the mechatronic unit changed out of warranty? If so how much and did the dealer contribute anything to the repair?

2) Would this part be covered by companies such as warranty direct?

I've not taken it to the dealer yet as I'm considering my options first, and I'm guessing they'll not be too helpful as the car is a parallel import and wasn't purchased through them.

I was considering just selling it on or part-ex as the fault only shows up when its up to temperature (but my guilty conscience is preventing me from doing this).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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