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A happy new year to you all.

Any one shed any light as to what may be causing the display panel to have drop outs in the matrix.

It is always a straight line either horizontally or sometimes vertically. Also its not always in the same place, I could understand failure in the matrix if it was in the same place all the time. At times the DIS is fine with no problems, then I get a line through the display. It really does my head in any quick fix solutions??


M :ffs: :confused: :ffs:

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No quick fixes for this I'm afraid. The DIS of your age Audi (and mine) are prone for this and will always lose pixels from now on. Design fault.

I've tried resoldering joints on the board after taking it apart(ish) and fitting some padding to push the joints more together. All to no avail.

You can get a new DIS soldered in, but if you are not handy with taking the dash pod apart, then it's a send the dsh away job and you cannot use the car until it comes back.

You should see mine - it's illegible.

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