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February Detailing Offer


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Belated happy new year.... What happened to the ferocious winter we were all threatened with?

Anyway.... As I wasn't really around in January I've decided to offer some February discounts...

I'm based in Cambridge but I travel all over the greater London area, M11 corridor, Essex, Beds or MK area for 1 day detailing jobs or pretty much anywhere for multiple cars.

All the detailing options can be seen on the website on the services page.

Services - Cambridge Autogleam: Car Detailing and Paint Correction Specialists

£70 off any Protection Detail bringing the price down to £230 (or £280 for a larger car / 4x4)

£70 off any Gloss Enhancement Detail bringing the price down to £300 (£350 for a medium size car and £380 for a larger car / 4x4)

Travel will be charged at just 20p per mile to cover costs (rather than the usual 35p per mile) for the round trip from CB1

Payment can be cash, cheque or card (with a small extra fee to cover the card transaction)

Examples of my work and the high quality finish I produce can be found in the portfolio of my website (where you will probably recognise a fair few of the cars) or in the other detailing threads in my section of this supporters forum.

Portfolio - Cambridge Autogleam: Car Detailing and Paint Correction Specialists

If you are not interested in detailing yourself but know friends, family or work colleagues who would be then please feel free to mention this months prices to them.

Thanks for looking and look forward to hearing from a few of you.


Nathan Willits

07710 494878

[email protected]

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