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Indicator bulb replacement on 1997-2000 Passat


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Lifted the bonnet of my 1998 Passat to replaced failed nearside indicator bulb this morning and thought 'How am I going to get passed all that equipment to change the failed bulb'? When surfing the web for an answer I came across a number of long lists of things to dismantle. Later I happily discovered a site that explained how to do it in 3 minutes. I am posting the steps here in case they prove useful to anyone else.

1. Switch off the lights.

2. Turn off the ignition.

3. Open the bonnet.

4. Look behind the indicator for a inch diameter plastic ring.5. Put your finger in the plastic ring and carefully release the spring-loaded retaining hook, this will release the indicator light unit.

6. Carefully slide the indicator light unit forward. It should only be moved forward, there should be no movement toward either side of the car.

7. Remove the bulb holder by turning it anticlockwise.

8. Remove the bulb in the conventional way by pressing down slightly, then turning anticlockwise to release and pulling it out of the socket.

9. Replace the bulb.

10. There are three tabs on the bulb holder, each of a different shape. Ensure they are aligned correctly, press home the holder then rotate clockwise.

11. Locate the two plastic tabs within the loops beside the headlamp unit, then arefully slide the unit back into place.

12. Re-attach the spring loaded retaining hook.

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