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Audi sunroof (+ other areas) drainage issues


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Hi Everyone,

I'm currently starting to take Audi to task over their poor design of effective drainage from the sunroof areas on some models. I own an S8 (2006 MY) but several, other models suffer from persistent drainage issues from the sunroof often resulting in damaged technical equipment such as the complicated computers used to run Audi's that are situated under floor panels and behind pillars, safety equipment such as airbags, brakes etc. (eg: a leak behind the battery on some models resulted in the brakes not working to full capacity!

Currently Audi UK are seeking to charge me £400 to clean out and repair the sunroof drainage system. Part of that repair requires a back order set of rubber plugs that may even have to be made especially in Germany and they are quoting anything up to a month to complete the work. That's a month with the car in their workshop with the sunroof stripped out waiting in some dark corner for the parts to arrive!!

When we as customers purchase a top end car like an Audi we expect to be paying for superior engineering in all areas of the vehicle. My S8 is the flagship model of the entire Audi range costing somewhere between £75 - £80K when new. It's outrageous that what is an obvious design fault has been allowed to continue without being rectified. In USA a class action has forced Audi of America to meet repair costs to several of their ranges whereby damage was caused by the ingress of water. I have pointed this out to Audi UK but they deny knowledge... a blatant misdirection. Of course they are aware of the US situation. It simply hasn't been repeated in Europe but the design fault continues to cost Audi owners in repair bills and threatens to damage much more than a few wet carpets!

I want to know from all of you with water ingress into the interior of your Audis (2000 -2012) particularly from the sunroof drainage channels but also from other areas (ie: bulkhead). I am trying to show that there is a history of drainage issues and water ingress into the interior of Audis is much more common than it should be on a premium motor vehicle. So send me your stories. Tell me how you fared with Audi when you complained. Tell me what measure of good will you received individually (if any) but most of all give me Audi models, year of construction, history of repeated water ingress etc. etc. Help me build a file up on this shocking lack of customer care that I can take to the courts, take to consumer watchdogs and civil claims organisations and yes, potentially even issues that might be cause for criminal action against the manufacturer..........let me know on tyresmoke or through my private email.....I don't mind. I look forward to hearing from many of you with similar issues to mine and for which Audi has been less than forthcoming or interested in caring for its' customers.

Regards, Tonyp

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