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Man U players must be really pleased with this deal....


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Will they be removing those fancy heated Recaros with the Audi logo from the dugout and replacing them with scratchy cloth ones with no bolster support and nylon seat covers?

It'll be like the old seats on Top Gear!

However, ZR1's and Camaro's are now known simply as Corvette's. So...... no!

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The link up here is becoming more and more obvious by the minute.

Yesterday the club website announced they'll play a tour of China again - in the Shanghai stadium, sponsored by Chevrolet, in the "Chevrolet Cup", supported by DHL.

Who are the clubs new training kit sponsors? DHL.:roflmao:

See the logo of Gigg's shirt...

The marketing department has clearly been very busy in the past few months because everything that is anything associated with the club is now emblazoned with DHL already.

The new home shirts are fecking awful too. Easily the worst home shirt they've ever had.

Take a look at the new kits...they've not had a very good reception.:roflmao:


Training kit is much better...



Oh and I bet Evra and Hernandez were really chuffed at this advertisement film shoot...


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Sir Alex Ferguson expects high standards of his young players and just last week banned all of his under-23s from driving flashy sports cars from new club sponsors Chevrolet.

As a gesture of goodwill, Chevrolet immediately offered United's first-team stars a choice of luxury cars.

And unsurprisingly, many of the club's big names plumped for the 198mph Corvette supercar.

However, Ferguson immediately intervened and decreed that no player under the age of 23 - no matter their standing in the team - should be allowed to order a sporty model.

This means players such as young striker Danny Welbeck, 21, and defenders Phil Jones, 20, Chris Smalling, 22, and Rafael da Silva, 22, will be banned from driving anything not approved by Ferguson.

Instead only the more experienced drivers, such as Rio Ferdinand, 33, and Ryan Giggs, 38, will be allowed behind the wheel of the £32,000 sports car.


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It's far from the first time he's done that. Cristiano Ronaldo panned a Bentley and a Ferrari and received some fairly 'hot' words from SAF.:roflmao:

He had someone take Rooneys Bentley from the car park once too. They drove it to the dealers and asked for a price on it. Then, when Rooney asked where it was, SAF is rumoured to have said "It doesn't f*cking matter. I'm taking you home and we're going to have a chat son.".:roflmao:

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