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Could have been nasty...


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In all seriousness, that could have been very nasty. I still remember killing a deer with my E46 330Ci, nearly 7 years on.

It was October 2005, heading home in the twilight. I saw two deer head across the road a hundred yards or two ahead, and slowed down. Approaching the crossing spot at about 40, I couldn't see anything else to worry about.

Trouble was, there was an earth bank on the verge, between the road and the field behind. The bank had a gap for the gate - that had been left open. From behind the bank, deer no. 3 jumped out about a foot in front of me.

I can vividly remember seeing the deer's head briefly appear just in front of my NSF headlight before taking off (literally) - the deer flew over the car and landed 20 feet behind me. Meanwhile there was a massive crunch, and a bang as the seatbelt tensioner fired filling the cabin with the distinct smell of cordite.

I don't mind saying, I was gutted. Really upset. A moment before, there was a beautiful young deer, now there wasn't. There was absolutely nothing I could have done to prevent it, but all the same the deer was dead and I had killed it.

Compared to the deer, the damage to the car was minimal. However, I lost the front nearside headlight, kidney grille, bumper, radiator, various bits behind the light & the rad, and the bonnet needed flattening and painting. The quote was 4 or 5 pages long and was for £4,500.

I can't help but think what would have happened had I been in the 911 or a similar low-nosed car like (say) a Z4. The 330's nose hit the body of the deer square on and took the impact, which at least meant an instant death for the poor thing. A low nose would have just collected the legs and catapulted the body up towards the windscreen :(

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Indeed, hitting a deer can lead to more than a dead deer too.

I once saw a Volvo 760 that had hit a fully grown doe in North Yorkshire. The car was a write-off and the front seat passenger had two broken legs. The deer was embedded in a deep 'V' in the front of the car and the whole engine had shifted back a long way. The damage was quite incredible (though it should be stressed this was a very big female deer and they'd hit it at around 60 mph).

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I ride my m/bike over a lot of cross country roads and deer are my worst nightmare. On one road we had some dogs run out in to the road that had been hare coursing. Luckily the rider in front on me didn't yank the brake and swerve. The outcome was he flew straight over the dog. The dog didn't survice but it could have been a lot worse.

MrMe - for some reason you didn't overtake. I've had so many situation where I haven't made a move and I couldn't tell you why and it's been the right decision. It's weird. Always listen to that little voice on your shoulder. They tend to look after you :)

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