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M3 - the fruits of my labour this afternoon


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I'm in Glasgow every other day. For entertainment, diversity and culture it's brilliant. It looks horrible though. And there is an undertone of menace.

If I had to stay in a Scottish city it would be Aberdeen if it was hot, so baring that in mind, I'd go Edinburgh all day long. It's a stunning city.

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I had to endure the ignorant ***** that are your average Edinburgh residents. Note - average, not all. They really are about as unfriendly as it gets compared to the rest of Scotland.

I'm just glad that a few of us gave you the time of day, MrMe !! :eclipse:

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I don't get the undertone of menace but possibly I'm too close

You're maybe not close enough.

There are many parts of the city where we don't attend at night and many parts we don't attend unless we have a police escort.

To be fair though, that is probably no different than many big city's.

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To be perfectly honest anyone with any instinct whatsoever soon realises they're in parts of Glasgow they shouldn't be. And gets out fast.

The average person isn't going to 'stray' into them unless they're totally lost.

As Garcon eluded to earlier though, there are parts of Manchester (and Liverpool) you could easily stray into and think nothing of - but soon discover you could end up in a lot of bother.

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Scotland has hot bed locations, if you are catholic or Protestant, gers or Celtic, and that's just the locals at each other.

Add in a London accent and it becomes all a bit hill billy in places.

I like the place, and have managed to avoid grief most of the time. As kids we'd go to the baths with the Cousins (I was resident at the grand parents for 6 weeks every year for 12 odd years) and had to run through certain villages due to the Cousins being known Catholics.

Aged 13 some NED pulled a knife on me because I kept on getting past his defense in a game of football. A lump of fallen tree was soundly wrapped round his head, and my grandad went and gave his dad a kicking for good measure.

Now that isn't normal life, other than Scotland is it?

(well it could be, as mentioned find any social housing area with poverty and the locals tend to have rather large chips of resentment to any outsider).

Tongue in cheek, it's the monks fault for selling Buckie...

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