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A4 B6 2001 Alternator/Battery Problem....Help!


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Hi Guys,

Hope someone can help me figure out what is the issue with my A4.

About a month ago, the alternator symbol came up in the dash, and was flashing about 3 seconds on 3 seconds off. Also the next day I noticed the heating on full blast was coming out cold on the climate control, don't know if this is related, thought I'd mention it. After two days of the car being parked and trying to start the battery had gone flat. After this the car hadn't been driven for about a month.

Yesterday, I replaced the battery with a new one, took it to a garage to get a load test done and he said it all seemed fine. (Starter test: 11.40 volts, Charging test: 13.75 volts) However, on the way to the garage the alternator light was a steady on this time the whole way there. Then once he tested it wasnt showing anymore, and then again on my way back home, it showed up again! The garage man said to bring it back so he can check the car over for electrical problems to see what it might be, or if it is just the alternator. Thought I'd ask here first and see what some of you make of it.

I did that test, where you start the car and disconnect the negative from the battery and engine didn't die out.

So, is it the alternator? An electrical problem? This is the third battery I've gone through and really want to get this problem sorted.

Hope someone has some answers!!

Thanks for reading.

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Sounds like alternator dying? Lots of threads about it in the RS6 C5 section on RS246.com, common failure on that model, general agreement is once the light starts to come on and they start to fail, they die (terminally) pretty quickly. You don't want to wreck your brand new battery - they are not cheap nowdays!

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