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What's the ultimate 80s car icon?


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Among other ludicrous discussions over the weekend, this came up. I've got two which sit firmly in the "ultimate 80s car icon" box.

Sierra Sapphire Cosworth (this one's obviously been abandoned after yet another ram-raid)


Audi Ur-Quattro


What else?

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Given that the Sapphire Cosworth didn't appear until 1988 I'd say the 80s icon version was the original 3 door Sierra Cosworth, ideally in RS500 trim.

The 80s was the decade of the hot hatch, so I would imagine the Golf GTI and Escort XR3i would both feature high up the list, closely followed by the Mk1 Astra GTE (in Essex white).

1984 Vauxhall Astra 1.8 GTE Mk1 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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The 911 Turbo, in Guards Red, with Whale Tail and car phone.

The epitome of 80's technological advancement and excess.

Certainly this car was partially responsible for me working in the City....*(* red braces and all... the shame)

Dont pee me off, I took one of those in PX for a job I was doing,back in the early 90's for a mate of mine, mint 35K full Porsche SH Targa Top, never even drove it, and sold it for £8K cash, guess it was the right decision at the time,but never seems that way with the benefit of hindsight

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For me, as a petrol head, it can only be down to two cars.

The UR Quattro, and the Lancia Delta Integrale.

The Porsche can't win, because it was a yuppie play thing that wasn't really very good, it was still firmly in the 'kill you' era of Porsches where you'd go backwards through every hedge on your journey!

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