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Tandem/Vacuum Pump advice please


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Hi all, I'm new here but have always found the advice given to others helpful so I wonder if someone could advise on my problem please.

Last year I chaged the LUK/Tamdem pump on my A4 B6 - it was one of the ones that started to leak. The part I fitted was used but worked fine. I recently developed a brake problem which initially indicated the servo may have failed - common on 02/03 B6's I understand. On closer inspection my mechanic now thinks it's the pump again as the vacuum inlet nozzle ( servo to pump connection) on the pump moves in it's housing - he said they should be tight like the other ( fuel) side and is probably letting air pressure drop. Now the thing is I have just checked the old pump which I still have and the nozzle on that also moves - the brakes were fine with this pump it was only a fuel leak that forced the replacement.

Can anyone clarify please? I really don't want ( and can't afford) to lay out £300 on a new pump only to find that's not the problem and I then have to buy a brake servo as well. My guy is an Audi Specialist and has looked after my car since new so I trust his opinion, but it's odd that both pumps have the same revolving nozzle surely?

I would really appreciate any knowledge/advice.

Thanks Guys


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