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Stolen Audi S3 - CCTV footage


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A Manchester man has posted video footage from a closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera installed in the entrance of his house capturing the dramatic moments when two robbers equipped with crowbars burst into his home on June 7, demanding the keys to his Audi S3.

At the time the burglars broke into his house, the man was watching TV with his wife and three sons aged 13, 11 and 3.

The footage show the two young men stopping outside the house in a Vauxhall Corsa, which was driven by a third person. The two robbers swiftly enter the house from the front door and less than 20 seconds later they exit with the car's keys in their hands and take off in the black Audi S3 hatch.

"I backed off a bit then he burst in," said the owner. "I weighed up the situation and when I saw there were two of them and they had crowbars, I just told him where the keys were. It just left us all in shock and there was definitely an element of fear," he said.

Here's what he wrote on YouTube:

"Please view this video and help identify the people in it. On 7th June 2012 2 men burst into my home were my family were relaxing - catching me off guard, they threatened us with a crowbar, took these keys to our Audi S3. Call crime stoppers on 0800 555 11."


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Bloody hell!

As Mr B has said, leaving the door unlocked even when you are in, is bad. Especially on such a main road?

Yes, it's unexpected and I am sure he locks everything up at night, but this was broad daylight, and defo opportunistic as you can see them dithering about it before getting out of the car. Having that door locked might have been enough to put them off or put that extra bit of doubt in their tiny minds.

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