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Deposits for new Pug


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There was an ad on the TV last night for 0% APR on new Corsas and "you decide how much deposit".

Finance industry driving new car sales again. Sound familiar..?

If you want ANY new Vauxhall you can have nil deposit 0% finance with their (alleged) lifetime warranty and free servicing for 5 years.

And they still can't sell them!!!

Yes Mook, the manufacturer's finance arms are constantly having to come up with more and more convoluted schemes to make cars look attractive to buyers. That frequently involves a headline low monthly payment but the total cost is pretty well hidden.

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Indeed, sadly I'm too honest, I do know of several (well, more than several, fecking loads of them) cabbies that lease cars on limited mileage policies, and simply have them clocked once a year when they send it in for it's annual service, completely ignoring the other 3 or 4 services it should have had during that period, and simply handing it back after paying a dent magician to sort the bodywork before taking a brand new car every two years.

I certainly wouldn't ever buy an ex lease car from the auctions!

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