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August Fuel Duty Rise Postponed


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Fuel has dropped by almost 10p/l here, still not enough but it helps.

Most of the supermarkets are doing these offers, I think Sainsburys is currently top as they let you use up to 3 5p vouchers in the same transaction, meaning you can get 15p/l discount.

However, it does mean using supermarket fuel, and after my recent (expensive) repair bills, I'll not be using anything other than brand name fuel again.

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When you have time, pay a visit to your local fuel depot. You may be surprised which trucks ate filling up from exactly the same tanks.

Yep, and my Uncle used to say the same (he worked at a fuel depot), but it would seem that (down here at least) that is no longer the case.

Either that or all the local supermarkets fuel tanks are contaminated, our local fuel injection specialist reckons that 90% of the cars he gets in with running problems are regularly filled with supermarket fuel.

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