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Audi Q5 Service Plans


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Hi all,

Have taken the leap and put a deposit down on a Q5 for October delivery (MY13). Am looking at taking out the servicing,maintenance and extended warranty monthly payment option as I think £1500 for all maintenance and 2 years extra warranty is not bad value.

Noticed that for just under £600 extra this can include tyres. My question is what is average tyre life on a Q5 with majority of driving being shorter journeys. The car is an S line plus with 255/45 R20 tyres so I would have guessed around £250-£300 per tyre which makes this plan not bad value if I need one complete change of tyres in the first year.


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Robbie I've got same spec Q5 as you and got a nail in the shoulder of a tyre after just a month of having the car so no repair possible. Cost me £319.50 for replacement!! Had to get it changed quick as I needed to do a long journey next day so dare say I might have got one cheaper online but I couldn't wait so they had me over a barrel really. I'd say £600 for 3 years is great value even if you only get one new set out of it as you'd struggle to get them our size for £150 a corner. Had a few Audis now and with my style of driving never had more than 20,000 miles out of a set.

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