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Right - this is probably the most mental modified car I've ever seen


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Absolutely nuts. God knows how someone comes up with that type of idea.

Two of my lesser known previous-ownerships were Ford Granada's. Both were bought as runabouts to keep the miles off my main car back in the day.

The first was 2.0 L that looked almost identical to this...


It cost me £995 at the time and probably racked up about £400 in bills in about 12 months. Not bad I guess.

However, the next one was a lot more costly. I paid £2,295 for it IIRC, and within a month I'd had to spend a grand on it! What it left me with was a car running perfectly and it was a very comfortable car indeed. It felt nippy in the day, but of course it wasn't really.

It was a 2.0i LX (I think) in this colour...


Very rare sight on the roads these days and when I see that Granada above it makes me realise why - because you'd have to be absolutely mental to try running one and they probably only have one decent purpose....rip the guts out of them!

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My old directors each had a 2.9i Scorpio. One black and one burgundy as above. Best thing about them was a) they'd both been to Turbo Technics in Falmouth and had twin turbo conversions b) I got to drive them on a regular basis and c) my Dad ended up buying the burgundy one when the boss bought a Jag.

It was the fastest thing I'd ever driven at that point. The end of the speedo was null & void. :eek:

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