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Common faults 2.0TDI - A4 B8 Avant or A3 8P Sportback


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After 18 months away the pull of another Audi is too much, so I am coming back.. however I am doing my homework more in depth this time! (Last time I had a B7 S line with the BLB engine...however only found out about the problems after owning it for a couple of years..sold it with 140K on it and no probs, but I wasnt willing to run the risk so to speak)

So this time I have £12 - 13K to spend, maybe a smidge more..but I am torn between a earlier B8 A4 Avant S line.. or a A3 8P Sportback S line., both with the 2.0L TDI engine

are there any common faults to look out for or avoid? I know the 2.0L PPDs have a problem with the injectors, but if the car has had a recal will it then be OK? or are they still failing even after being changed?

anything to avoid on the common rails as in the A4 and later A3s? and if so are they confined to one engine code (like the BLB problem)?

any advice or what to look for / avoid would be appreciated,



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Tough decsion - you'll get massively more Sportback for your money in terms of spec, age, lower mileage etc, but on the other hand the A8 is a much newer floorpan - 2008 vs 2003.

Its not as big a gap as you would think, to get a face listed S line with the CR engine I am still right at the top of my budget, and they still have anywhere between 50-90k on them, where as on the A4 I could get a 09/10 model with 40k on it for the top of my budget, down side is I would prefer a slight later one with the LED rear lights, and BAS, but I know I only have a finite budget (I also want factory HIDs too, and finding a A3 with it is hard!)

the main thing I don't want to do is get another 2.0 tdi only to find there is some common problem that comes to light 6months after buying it again :ffs:

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I would like a 10MY on if I can for the 3G, but not bothered about Nav as I prefer my stand alone unit if I am honest.

I drove my dads 11 plate black edition avant last night with the 136ps "e" engine and it was spot on for what I want, enough poke, but the longer gearing made the motorway trip at 70 very relaxed, and managed to get 53mpg on my test route of town, country and motorway driving.

Does anyone iknow if any big probs to look out for then? and what was fitted at each model year change?

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