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Replacement Electrical Connector - HELP


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Guys, Hi again, had an Intermittant fault with my A6 with it cutting out and giving various faults, ABS, ESP, Glow Plugs etc, after reading forums decided to go and check for water in the electrical box under the front screen, found to my horror the passenger side full of what looks like screen wash fluid, i have managed to make a tempory repair as one of the main connectors had corroded off, however i can not source them anywhere and dont want to go down the expensive dealer route, anyone got any suggestions to where i can get 1 (One) connector as in the pic. Cheers again.



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The fact that all the wires are yellow suggests that this is not the first time it has happened. Audi wires are usually different colours to differentiate functions,

Someone has used Audi repair wires (yellow) to fix the connections.

Audi sell them in pairs, one wire with two connectors about 2 foot long for a few quid each. If you can locate the connector on their parts list then they should be able to tell you what repair wires are required and the correct thickness etc.

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