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Haye fight


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A few of the gang were thinking of getting a late ticket and going to this - could be a good night out +++

My Mrs is away at the weekend so I'm looking after my 3 and 6 year old. Beer, takeout and boxing sounds a good antidote to the stress of child care.

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Tempting, I just want to see Haye pummel him.

You won't be disappointed. Haye has been low key by his normal standards and the reports from training camp suggest no injuries, no niggling complaints and a 100% fit Haye.

Here is my prediction...

Chisora will come out of the blocks like Usain Bolt

Haye will do a lot of ducking and diving for 2 rounds

Chisora will try roughing him up constantly, dipping his head and generally trying to keep as close as possible

Haye will find his range with every time the ref breaks them up

Haye will KO him between 3-5 rounds or the ref will make it a TKO if Chisora can't see by that point

I don't see how Chisora brings any threat to Haye at all. His record against shorter fighters is epic. He KO's them all, plain and simple.

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I heard an interesting snippet yesterday.

Apparently, if Haye does win he's been told Vitali will now give him the fight he wants - but only if he stops Chisora.

That's quite some motivation. It's the fight he's always wanted so I would hope he'll stop prancing about and actually demonstrate what everyone knows he is capable of.

One of the most frustrating things about Haye is his abject lack of aggression in some fights and I've long since put that down to Adam Booth. I know he's a keen strategist and its essential in boxing, but when you know you possess blazing speed and that your punch packs some serious power, I hate to see people not use it.

I'd love to see him come out all guns blazing and have this fight over in quick time, and I'd then like to see him do that against Vitali - because it's the only way he'd ever stand of beating him. He's got a lot of repair to do to his credibility and I don't see any other way for him to do it.

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