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Gaydon BMW Festival 19 August


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I went once - never again.

The BMW Car Club are properly up themselves and have some strange views. They seemed to love old BMW's and hate those with new BMW's. They also had very strange views on driving styles. In fact a few people on here once did a joint run with the BMWCC.

Nobody did anything untoward but the fact the old cars couldn't keep up with the new cars on some stretches resulted in them referring to us as "Wacky Racers".

Shark was on that run and a good few others were. One guy in a mint 635CSi, who drove just like everyone else did, took real exception to being unable to keep up on a twisty route and put his pet lip out big and proper. They seem to think they were some kind of "elite" BMW owners and frankly appeared to have very little sense of humour at all.

I'm sure they're not the majority, but my experience of the event was that it was all rather fussy and a lot of the cars 'on show' would be better off scrapped.

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Many official single make car clubs seem to be similar. Went to a PCGB do with a mate once. Once. Fecking freakshow. What we did find was that the PCGB boys that actually go racing are a much more approachable and social bunch - I guess it takes a different temperament to actually use the cars properly rather than spend all your free time polishing them and getting anal over a chrome blemish.

I might turn up to this do at Gaydon - not been to the museum for a while, so having a look in there and at the classic Beemers in the carpark should be quite good fun. I'll see if I can coincide it with a piss up in Leamington.

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Region 16 is based around sandals with socks, beards and a deep set aversion to answering questions and emails sent to them*.

Anyone been to a TIPEC meeting? I hear they are better...

*(although the organisers have just changed, so may improve).

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