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New 1 Series - Coupe?


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Anyone know when the coupe version of the new 1 series is due?

in particular the m135? Asked two dealers got two different responses.

A) They won't be making one sir, why not order this one?

B) imminent, please leave a deposit and sign here.


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It's M135i, just to be completely pedantic. :P

Also gets a very good write up in Evo. Basically, get past its looks and it's a truly great car, brings back memories of the early M cars, properly engaging and a joy to drive. They like it much more than the new M6 they also drove this month, which they summed up as incredibly capable but dull.

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Oh and as for release dates I don't think you will see one until late 2013 or early 2014. BMW release the 4 series coupe next year and as yet there have only been spy shots etc. of a Fwd 1 series GT nothing on the coupe as yet.

Hmmm, well I won't be keeping my car till late 2013 that's for sure. I just can't quite 'get' the current 2 door shape, and if I get that, and the coupe comes out - I'll be properly annoyed :roflmao:

Back to the drawing board so to speak.

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