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A man goes to the doctor...


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A man goes to the doctor.

"Doctor, I've got a problem with my sex-life. Really, says the doctor, what's wrong? Well doctor, it's like this. I make love to my wife every morning before we get up. If I have time, we do it again before I leave for work. As soon as I arrive, I tear my secretary's clothes off and we set to in my office. At lunch I pop out and see my mistress, and we make love until I have to go back to the office, where my secretary is waiting, naked. After an end of the day blowjob from the receptionist I head home, where my wife is waiting to show me the lingerie she has bought to help tempt me into the evening of passion that awaits me."

So, says the doctor, what is your problem?

Well, says the man, it hurts when I masturbate.

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