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B7 A4 3.0 tdi actuator problem


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Hi folks, not been on here much as the car has been running like a June bee and I've defected to the jap land crew an gave the audi to the wife.

The problem is, the car lost boost and cel came on. I took the.car to a trusted mechanics who diagnosed the actuator as being gone. He replaced that but couldn't get the engine light off and any boost so he pulled the turbo off and sent it to get checked. It came back ok and was put back on. That changed the problem to getting boost when the car was being driven but as soon as it came to a standstill the cel came on and no turbo. If you turned the car off then on the whole process happens again.

I've also had an Audi technician look at it as a homer but he has just said he can't fix it either and it has to be booked in to go on the computer to Audi UK

I'm worried because I can see the cost of this soaring and there's nothing I can do about it.

Has anyone had a similar experience and if so what was the problem and how hard was it to fix



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Well according to Audi the car is now showing codes for the actuator, egr valve and ecu

They are going to have a go at programming the old code into the new actuator but they don't have the lead so they're trying to source it from another local dealer or else they'll have to order one from Audi UK

And the good news keeps on coming

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