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Water stuck somewhere...


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I need some help...last day or so as I drive I can hear water swirling around in the car somewhere...

When I turn in rear view I can see splashes of water in the road...

When I park I can see the water dripping...hopefully a couple of pics attached. What I've also noticed is that the back doors sills when you open the door are moist...

Is there a plug or something I can pull underneath the car to allow water out or is it a trip to dealers?

Thanks in advance




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A friend with a Passat had issues with a drain under the wondscreen blocking and then shorting out the alarm system. He described it as a bulkhead that ran across the car under the windscreen and that it was a known issue with Passats. Guessing its probably going to be the same with A4s. Or at least the water build up if not the electrical issue.

I have noticed after heavy rainfall the noise in mine. but this settles down after a few turns. It does sound like its coming from the front as opposed to the doors, but its tricky to say for sure.

After a commute I sometimes see water on the last turn into the car park as well, but I think this is from the air-con.

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Put your hand down sides of the battery in the battery compartment, you may find it is flooded in there, if so, there is two drain points which are blocked, one under battery and other under the brake servo. Some remove them (including the Audi dealers) other clean them out. The drain points are also known as Drain Bladders, Drain Valves, Drain Tubes, One way valves, water drain valves, and plenum chamber.



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