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Chris Harris - GT2RS .vs. Ducati Panigale


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Stunning bike and awesome car. Look forward to the rest of the series bespite it not really proving anything ;)

I still remember the first time I experienced the difference between bikes and cars.

ChelseaMick and I were riding up to Donington on the A14. I was on my old CBR600F (108bhp) and as I came out of a roundabout on to a dual carriageway around a Scooby he gave it large....so I pinned it.

I was staggered how quickly it went backwards in my mirrors. It's weird : Before I rode bikes I assumed the senstation of acceleration must be stupid that that you have to cling on. But it's quite different. Some times I get that "whoa feck this is fast" feeling but I guess familiarity means it comes less and less.

p.s. Bugger trying to get a Panigale of the line as quick as poss!!

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I do have a lot of love for the Panigale. In fact I can no longer go near a Ducati dealer with my wallet as I would leave £15k lighter, or maybe even £23k as the tri-colur is stunning+++

I'm with you on that one..... I went to an autoshow event 2 weeks ago where there was a Ducati stand with the full Ducati range on show. Every bike there was special. They have a great range at the moment. I came away with such a lust for the Panigale though.... It took days to come to my senses again. One day maybe.

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