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10w60 M3 Oil for £26.99 for 4 Litres


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That is a cracking price. These guys seem to do decent deals all the time and since I don't need any oil for another 20 months or so, aside from top ups, I'll wait a bit before getting some.

Mac - next time you need a service and think of buying the diff oil first give me a shout. I bought some that the garage refused to use and I couldn't be ar5ed to argue - you can have it. Assuming you keep the car that long!

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Euro Car Parts are generally very well priced, and they always have a discount of one type or another, I've never found them competitive on oil though, and it can be a ball ache sending things back if they cock up your order (they sent me 3 brake pads, wouldn't just replace them, had to send them back, get a refund (which took nearly 2 months) and re-order)

I can't comment on the type of oil you've mentioned above, as I've never needed that viscosity, but if you say that's cheap I believe you.

I've always ended up buying the oil I use from Halfords believe it or not, I won't use the cheap crappy brands, and always get fully synthetic, the Mobil 5w30 I get comes in at just over £20 for 5 litres, and when comparing prices to everywhere else, including on line only places, it's more expensive and you only get a 4 litre bottle for some reason, and my car takes 5!

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