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BMW Art ??? cars

Calm Chris

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BMW art cars: the complete collection - bmwdrives.com

There's going to be a show of some sort,

21 Jul 2012 - 4 Aug 2012

16 BMW cars transformed into artworks by leading international artists using cars as their canvas.

and it's free :roflmao:

ART DRIVE! BMW Art Car Collection, part of the London 2012 Festival, will see remarkable work by some of the greatest names in contemporary art housed in an extraordinary venue, as the ICA occupies the brutalist Shoreditch landmark – The Great Eastern Street NCP Car Park – as a temporary gallery space.

Here's some of the interweb pictures, not sure which will be on show




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I'd track one with something artistic on it, as long as the artistry didn't massively add to the value of it.

Then it could be hidden in a shed for 350 days a year :grin:

As a daily driver, something that is parked on the drive, it would be wrong and in a funny sort of way very right.

Devalue all the houses around, and be noticed everwhere you drive. I guess you would need to be "special" in an extroverted attention seeking way to even consider doing something similar.

Where's TDK? Maybe he could do a run on DIY art cars. Combine the "art works" with the 18-30.








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I used to have one of those (model version)*.

Used to sit on my desk at work in its Perspex case. I think they are really interesting, and to see the collection in real life would be pretty cool.

* Someone stole it.

Have a look at this site ART DRIVE! which is art, and works really nicely on an iPad.

It gives full details and pictures, you have until the 4th August to get to Shoreditch. It's in a great location because Browns and The Axe are walking distance away. After hurting your eyes with cars, it's muff and a pint :grin:

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