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100m/200m/4x100m sprint times...?


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There are some official splits out there for the 100m, at least.

As Billy says, legs 2, 3 and 4 have 'rolling' starts in the 100m. Faster than coming out of the blocks, but it's not a full-speed changeover.

However, it's still faster than 2x200m, as a sprinter only hits peak speed for a very small part of the race. The splits on 40-50m and 50-60m are largely the same and the peak speed for a sprinter - beyond 60m, they start to slow - which also explains why the individual 200m is slower than 2x100m.

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The relays have 'ticks' on the track to mark the 'changeover zone'.

The zone is 20m long, with a marker at 10m.

The first 10m is to get up to speed, the 2nd 10m (after the 'scratch' mark) to complete the changeover.

I assume they're timing from the 'scratch' mark half way through the changeover box.

400m relays will time the first leg to the scratch mark in the changeover zone, with subsequent legs timed to the finish line.

(This is working on 15 year old memories... I know the GB team get slated for botched baton changes - but it's very difficult to do this when you're trying to changeover at 20mph!)

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