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57 plate 2TDI 170 - Judder on acceleration when cold after Piezo injectors replaced


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The car is a 57 plate A4.

I've had my Piezo injectors replaced two weeks ago by Audi FOC on a customer satisfaction campaign "recall" I'm going to get it booked back in but anyone got an idea on this problem that has been on the car since, the car has been driven 5 times since after coming out of the garage.

When cold the car judders around 1600-1800 rpm intermittently, when warm it's perfect, the car will do it once and maybe twice and then it will be fine, the judders vary from about two judders and five judders at a time, feels like fuel is being cut it's that bad. I know it's not the DPF as this was at 30%, I've done a forced regen and it's now at 0%, thought I would pre-empt audi giving some waffle.

Any thoughts? or questions to assist in finding this one - I would like to have an idea.

I have the full version of RossTech and can monitor some bits if that will help.

Cheers for looking.

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