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AWD Jags!!!


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Reckon these things will appear in the UK?

I can see a few marketing teams in Audi worrying!!!

I can see a few marketing teams in BMW pondering a new campaign for a proper launch of AWD BMWs

I can see the Merc marketing team having a table huddle and also wondering what to do!!!

And there'll be another glut of AWD model launches in the next few years!!! I'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to 2nd hand quality motors! +++

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Not anytime, soon.

Petrol only at the moment on the Supercharged V6 that I don't think we even have, its for US, China and another market that I can't remember but they say its unlikely they will bring them to the UK unless we have some very bad winters again. Then they will consider it for when the winter isn't bad, doh.

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