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DIMMA are back :-)


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Nothing wrong with a nicely done Dimma kit on a 205.

Just look at this...what's not to like?


What's not to like? Everything.

Underneath is one the all time greatest hot hatches, and it's comprehensively ruined by the stupid bodykit.

How is it ruined? If we overlook the visuals, which are subjective, it's been made heavier and therefore slower, less responsive and number, it's had spacers put on the rear wheels to fill the arches, so the famous handling has been ruined as the geometry is no longer correct, the unsprung mass has increased due to the stupidly heavy over sized wheels.

Need I go on?

As above, I'll take a nice original 205 GTi over that ever day of the week!

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But it looks ****ing awesome.

It looks ok because it (slightly) resembles the 205 rally car in those colours, and the T16 (I think it was called, Group B jobbie?).

But in reality, no one painted them that colour, they were usually painted some lurid green or silly chroma flair colour!

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The previous owners doing, ex colleague of mine, although I did redo them during the first few days I had it with the paint pen he gave me. Ancient pics tbh - this is most recent taken only two months ago. Still on Goodyears, Michelin Pilot Exalto 2s sat waiting, will refurb alloys at same time



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I was once the victim of a 205 GTi Dimma - with a Turbo Technics conversion. I don't know what power it was putting out, but it left my Corolla GTi-16 standing and a friends Renault 5 GT Turbo with 160 bhp on tap was left in a cloud of dust too.

p.s. as anyone who was 17 in the mid-1980's will know, you were never in any doubt about cars with TT conversions, because they had the words written on them in biggest possible fonts.:roflmao:

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