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old car required!


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A guy I work with want a car for his daily 160 mile round trip, key criteria is cheap to buy and cheap to run, age isn't really relevent. Id though perhaps mondeo / vectra / bora tdi, seen a few with 90k miles at the 1.5k price band. But what else should he consider that would be good for say 200k miles with just servicing, etc?

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My Bora didn't need a clutch during the time I had it - from 89K - 200K due to the mileage commute and lack of time in town.

BUT, it kept needing rear suspension bushes every 30K or 40K :rolleyes:, which weren't that cheap. Belt every 80K, and errrr...... fuel at just over 55 mpg.

So, get a car with a camchain instead of a belt is my recommendation. Not sure what the Vectra CDTi's have or mpg from the 1.9 or even the V6 CDTi.

I get a max of 50 from my V6 Audi, but that's awd, but is realitively cheap to service, even compared to the Bora!!!

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